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Rockwall Roof Inspection

Expert Roof Inspection Services in Rockwall, TX

Your roof is an area of your home that is vital for protecting your property, but it’s something that may not always be at the forefront of your mind. As easy as it is for homeowners to neglect their roof, there could be serious consequences once something disastrous does happen. There might be several times throughout the year that a roofing inspection is necessary such as before a harsh cold front or after a significant hailstorm.

No matter the season or situation, a roofing inspection from Bacon Plumbing, Heating, Air, Electric, & Roofing will always help keep your roof in the best shape possible. Bacon has been providing home services to residents in Rockwall and the Dallas metro area since 2011, and we can provide any service for your roofing needs while prioritizing your customer experience.

Professional Roof Inspection

While some roof issues are easy to spot with a visual inspection, Bacon’s roofers technicians are highly trained to perform a thorough inspection of your roof. Moreover, an inspection that examines the wear and tear of your roof can help prevent future damage to your home. Our technicians arrive with a fully stocked service truck equipped with the most advanced tools and parts so that they are ready for anything they might find during your roof inspection.

During the inspection, our technicians will be examining the following four components of your roof:


  • Structural Inspection:
    The structure of your roof involves any damage to or improper installation of your roof shingles. The edges and contours of your roof are also examined for signs of sagging or improper ventilation.
  • Material Inspection:
    This component mainly involves inspecting the parts of your roof such as loose, missing, or curling shingles; rust; mold; and missing fasteners. Any material that helps seal your roof and maintain its strength will be inspected.
  • Interior Inspection:
    The deterioration of your roof followed by leaks in your home is a slow process that requires a trained eye to spot. To ensure that your roof is in peak condition, Bacon technicians will check your ceilings, attic, and walls for any signs of leaks or other damage.
  • Workmanship Inspection:
    Even if any mistakes were made during the installation of your roof such as incorrect flashing around roof penetrations, our technicians are trained to notice and address all issues with your roof.

At Bacon, we are committed to high quality craftsmanship and customer service. With any roof inspection you schedule with us, we will provide you with upfront pricing and honest feedback about next steps. Regularly scheduled roof inspections can save you time and money down the line, so call Bacon today!

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