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Piping & Burst Pipe Repair

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Piping & Burst Pipe Repair in Rockwall

Piping, Repiping, and Burst Pipe Repair
Services in the Dallas Metro Area

It’s one of homeowners’ most feared plumbing incidents. A burst pipe. With a quick call to Bacon, however, there won’t be anything to worry about. While a leaking pipe is certainly unexpected, a professional team of plumbers can resolve the situation quickly. Bacon is available 24/7 for pipe repair services and all of your toughest plumbing problems.

What to Do If You Find A Burst Pipe

Take control of the situation by closing your main water valve and drain the water from all faucets. Call Bacon immediately. Our plumbers will arrive at your home as quickly as possible to get to work. A hidden leak can spell disaster for your home and water bill, so homeowners should be on the lookout for these signs:

  • A spike in your water bill
  • A sudden decrease in water pressure
  • Moisture buildup around the ceiling or walls
  • Standing water in your yard

If you suspect a leak, call Bacon for our professional leak detection service. Burst pipes can happen at any time of the year, depending on the cause, but many problems are caused by leaking pipes often occur in the winter. Poorly insulated pipes can cause water to freeze, and the frozen water expands until the pipe bursts.

Locating the leak site and repairing the weakened section of the pipe takes careful attention from a professional. In some cases, homeowners find a small leak and attempt to repair it themselves. While this is possible with minor leaks, any mistakes during the repair could contaminate your water supply. Plus, improper installation could cause an even larger gap in the pipe, further flooding the home. It can be tricky to handle a burst pipe yourself, but there’s no need to when you can rely on our team. Repairing weak pipes is second nature to the pros at Bacon.

Professional Repiping For Your Dallas Area Home

The most important task in which to involve a professional is repiping an entire plumbing system. Bacon’s repiping services include removing sections of drywall to access large areas of your pipes. This is a large project for even the best plumber. Fortunately, our plumbers are expertly trained and have years of experience in providing plumbing solutions such as whole-home repiping. The following reasons are often why homeowners call us for repiping services:

  • Red or brown water: If you start to notice a reddish brown tint in your water, the immediate solution is to repipe your plumbing. A change in color means rust has built up in your pipes and is affecting your water supply.
  • Frequent leaks: One leak is manageable. Frequent leaks indicate your pipes are too weak and need repiping. Overtime, the cost of several repairs will be much more expensive than the price of a single repiping service.
  • Older homes: Homes that were built 50+ years ago will likely need repiping. The fact is, pipes don’t last forever, and the 50-year mark is often the time we see even the strongest pipes start to erode.

It may be difficult to avoid all leaks, but with proper care from Bacon, your leaks will barely be an inconvenience. When you have an issue with your pipes, our expert plumbers are ready to help.

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