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Plumbing Service in Grand Prairie, TX

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Home Services

Our Plumbers are There When You Need Them

Bacon Plumbing has been serving homeowners in Grand Prairie for almost a decade, so we know we can handle your toughest plumbing problems. Valued home services and exceptional customer care are at the heart of what we do at Bacon, and we make sure that every one of our plumbers provides the same to each customer in the Bacon family. The plumbing components in your home or fundamental to your lifestyle, including cool water in the summer, running water to clean your dishes and clothes, and much more, which is why it is always our top priority to resolve your plumbing problems.

Your home plumbing system includes your faucets, pipes, sump pumps, toilets, drains, water heater, and your water-using appliances. With such a large system running all throughout your home, issues can arise even if you’re taking good care of your components and appliances. The best way to prevent major and minor repairs is to schedule a plumbing inspection each year. Bacon plumbers are experts in their field and can keep your plumbing in the best shape possible with an annual plumbing tune-up and professional repairs and installations. For all of your plumbing needs, you can count on Bacon.

Home Services

    Bacon's Plumbing Services

    When to Call A Plumber

    From repairing the main sewage line pipes to installing a tankless water heater, the Bacon team can do it all. It’s not always obvious, though, when your home is need of Bacon plumbing services. The most important time to act fast is when you have a leak. Homeowners should check around the base of their toilets and under their sinks for leaking water, but not all leaks can be found as easily. Slab leaks are a homeowners worst enemy because they occur underground near your home’s foundation, which makes them much harder to find. These type of leaks are caused by poor installation of your pipes, shifting ground or foundation, wear and tear on pipes underground, and corrosion from the earth if the pipes are older. Our plumbers can quickly assess whether or not your home has a slab leak, but before you call our team out to your home, look for the following signs to avoid major destruction from slab leaks:

    • Unusually Low Water Pressure In Showers Or Faucets
    • Sudden Cracks In Your Walls Or Baseboards
    • Moldy Or Mildew Smells
    • A Sudden And Unexplained Spike In Your Monthly Water Bill
    • Mildew Or Moisture Under Floors Or Carpeting
    • Running Water Sounds Even When The Taps Are Off
    • Puddles Of Standing Water Around The Outside Of Your Home
    Home Services


    Home Services

    “Our dealings with Bacon have been better than we could have hoped for. Everyone from the office to the service technicians are extremely courteous and professional. The follow through couldn’t be better, and the service work is top quality. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

    Home Services

    Plumbing Savings For Bacon Customers in Grand Prairie

    Homeowners in Grand Prairie have trusted Bacon to provide efficient and cost-effective home services for the past decade. Bacon knows how important it is to receive the services you need when you need them. We always strive to provide discounts and specials where we can so our customers are taken care of. You can even sign up for our Friends and Family Membership to receive a 15% discount on all Bacon services! To use one of our coupons on your next service, just give us a call.

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