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Whole Home Standby Generator & Portable Generator Hookup Installation

If there’s one thing we can assure our customers of, it’s that weather in North Texas is unpredictable. You might know when a snowstorm or thunderstorm will happen thanks to the weather app on your phone or computer, but the intense consequences of one are more difficult to anticipate. You shouldn’t have to gamble on whether or not you’ll have power after a storm blows through.

Experience the peace of mind a backup generator offers with a speedy installation from Bacon. Our electricians are licensed and trained by professional institutions. They know how to protect your home, and best of all, their top priorities are you and your family.

One quick decision to install backup power can mean the difference between a cooked meal and one that has to be thrown out. Our generator services are really about making sure sudden severe weather won’t interrupt your life. If we can help you today, call us or click on the schedule now button above.

Specialized Backup Generator Selection

Not all generators are made equal. Depending on your home’s energy needs, our technicians can help you select the correct type and size generator. Since backup generators supply life-saving power, choosing the right unit for your home is crucial.

Backup generators are a permanent installation in your home, which means you need the best electricians in the business to ensure yours is installed and wired properly. A correctly installed generator will kick in immediately when you lose power. Every moment during a power outage is pivotal, and our licensed and insured professionals won’t let you miss out on much-needed electricity.

Benefits of a Backup Generator in North Texas

  • Efficient distribution of power as needed
  • Supplies energy to heating and cooling systems in severe weather
  • Protects against dangerous voltage levels as power from utility companies returns
  • Adds value to the home
  • Turns on automatically when power loss is detected
  • Prevent plumbing damage by keeping indoor temperatures above freezing

When the power goes out in the winter, one of the first things we’re concerned about for our customers is their plumbing. As we’ve seen temperatures drop below freezing, home plumbing systems become extremely vulnerable. Our plumbers greatly encourage homeowners to install backup generators to prevent water in their pipes from freezing.

A generator can save thousands of dollars’ worth of damage by preventing leaks and flooding if a pipe bursts.

Additionally, summer storms can be just as dangerous. You can’t keep your food refrigerated with the cold air like during a winter storm. When it comes to keeping your family safe and healthy, our team will do all we can.

Our work is trusted by millions of homeowners each year. You can expect the same level of dedication, customer care, and home service from start to finish. Call Bacon today for backup generator selection and installation services.

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