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Electrical Panel, Circuit Breaker, and Breaker Box Electric Services from Licensed Electricians

Your electrical panel is responsible for distributing power across your home’s various circuits to the devices that need it. Panels are fairly complex instruments and require specialized knowledge and training as well as modern tools to perform any service on them. Whether you simply need a circuit breaker replaced or you need your panel completely remodeled from the ground up, look no further than the electrical panel experts at Bacon! Since 2011, customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have depended on Bacon’s home services expertise to take care of their property, and we’ve handled numerous panel projects of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to your electrical system, Bacon is transparent, honest, reliable, and provides you with the customer service you deserve.

Electrical Panel Replacement, Installation, & Repair

Electrical panel service doesn’t have to be daunting with help from Bacon. Your panel is also known as your fuse box, fuse panel, or circuit breaker panel, and is designed to trip and shut off when too much current flows through one particular circuit. This prevents heat from accumulating in your wires, protects your devices, and even helps stop electrical fires from happening. Over time, however, panels can age, and their components wear out, which will necessitate repairs.

Bacon can perform the following services on your electrical panel:

  • Fuse Box Replacement
  • Faulty Breaker Replacement
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Safety Upgrades
  • Panel Relocation
  • Panel Installation
  • Panel Maintenance

Do You Have A Faulty Electrical Panel?

The following are tips and signs to look for when considering a panel upgrade or replacement:

  • Age of the panel:
    Indoor panels can last up to 40 years, but outdoor panels only last up to 30 years. The long lifespan of panels could also mean their electrical flow has not been updated in order to support today’s technology.
  • Flickering lights:
    Flickering lights are a warning sign of poor electrical connections. Depending on whether the lights are flickering in one area or multiple areas in your home, Bacon technicians can decide the best course of action.
  • Yours is a Federal Pacific or Zinsco panel:
    Some older homes and buildings may still have fuse boxes, and if your home is older than 35 years, you should get yours replaced as soon as possible. While they haven’t been produced since the 80s, some Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels are still in homes and have been connected to numerous house fires.


If you find that you have one particular circuit that seems to inexplicably shut off, even with no significant electrical load on it, then you may need to replace a faulty breaker. Circuit breakers do wear out, and replacing one is a fairly common task. Whenever dealing with something that could involve high voltage, it’s always best to trust a professional for your safety and the safety of your home. Call Bacon to handle any and all of your electrical panel services.

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