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Camera & Video Inspection

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Efficient and Reliable Camera and Video Inspection Services from Bacon Plumbing

When there is a clog in your drain, call Bacon to take care of it as fast as possible so that your plumbing system can return to peak efficiency. At Bacon, we only implement the most advanced plumbing tools and techniques. One of the most valuable state of the art methods our certified technicians use is our camera and video inspection process. Using cameras to inspect sewer lines and drains expedites the process of assessing the clog or blockage in your plumbing system. The team at Bacon is always equipped with any tool or part we may need to expertly and efficiently perform any job.

The Inspection Process

The advanced cameras that our Bacon technicians use to assess your drains and pipes are waterproof and can be used on any line, including pipes under cement and under your home’s foundation. The high-resolution camera is inserted into the affected line and travels through its twists and turns until the cause of the clog is found. The video footage from the camera is transmitted to the technician in real time to quickly diagnose the issue and determine the solution. This process pinpoints the depth and physical location of any obstructions or defects in your drains and sewer lines.

Common drain line problems that require our technicians to use camera and video inspection include:

  • Tree Roots:
    For sewer lines that are in residential areas, it is common for tree roots to creep into the pipes. If the roots aren’t dealt with properly and quickly, the issue can get worse and lead to more costly repairs. Video inspection is important to determine how to solve the issue without damaging your pipes further.
  • Grease Buildup:
    When grease and other fat deposits enter into your pipes, they can cling to the inside of your pipes and cause your drain to clog completely. Grease buildups can be discovered through quick camera inspections. A common solution implemented once a grease clog is found involves hydro jetting.
  • Line Collapses:
    Line collapses can cause a clogged drain as well and need to be resolved immediately if discovered. To ensure that the cause of the clog isn’t a collapsed line, our technicians will use their advanced camera system to assess the interior of your piping system.

If your home experiences a large number of clogs, it is possible there is an underlying issue rather than just debris build up. With our certified and licensed plumbers, repeated sewer and drain line backups can be a thing of the past. Our camera and video inspections will help determine the cause of any plumbing problem so that all of your concerns can be resolved.

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